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Dead Bird Reporting

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Presently, there is not any agency that is collecting dead birds with regards to West Nile Virus.  But the reporting of sick or dead birds (domestic and wild) can still be performed.

Bird Reporting

If you find a dead bird:

  • If you find a dead crow, raven, magpie, jay, or raptor and the bird is fresh and undamaged, you can report it to Benton County Mosquito Control District.  We do not collect dead birds, but if we receive information about clusters of dead birds we will perform trapping of the adult mosquitoes in the area to look for the presence of West Nile Virus.
  • Sick or dead chickens and other domestic birds should be reported to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (1-800-606-3056).
  • Sick or dead wild birds should be reported to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW Wild Birds).
  • Do not handle dead birds with your bare hands. Instead, use gloves, a shovel, or a plastic bag placed over your hand to pick up the bird. Double-wrap the bird in two plastic bags before placing in your garbage. Be sure to wash your hands, even if you were careful to not touch the bird.

Why are only certain birds used for West Nile Virus surveillance?

Raptors and birds in the Corvidae family (such as crows, ravens, magpies, and jays) are used for surveillance because they commonly become sick or die when they get the West Nile Virus.