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For mosquito abatement, Benton County Mosquito Control (BCMC) uses an IPM approach. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management, which simply means that multiple control measures are used instead of just one. BCMC utilizes Education, Source Reduction, Biological Controls, Larviciding, and Adulticiding. When possible we try and use these options as a checklist and use physical controls first, then biological, and finally chemical.

Education is an obvious first step in any endeavor and is especially important in an IPM program. Citizens can make an impact upon their immediate surroundings, which may not only benefit them, but also their neighbors. Proper watering practices, wearing repellent, and other steps can all reduce the impact mosquitoes have in our District.

Person in mosquito costume next to a mosquito control district truck.


Community Outreach

BCMC brings educational opportunities to our district residents.  Our goal is to share our integrated mosquito management program, the science behind it & how we Fight the Bite! 

The following are examples of community opportunities for us to come to you! 

  • Public Events
  • Home Owner Association Meetings
  • Club/Society Meetings
  • Organizations (Rotary Clubs, Chambers, Civic groups, etc.) 
  • Community Meetings
  • Classroom Visits

Contact: Gretchen Graber • Outreach and Education Coordinator

office: (509) 967-2414

Three people standing by a tent with a table displaying informational materials, labeled "Benton County Mosquito Control".
Collage: outdoor event scenes, children with insect masks, mosquito control booth info, and fake spiders on a table.
People, including children, are participating in an activity at a table with coloring materials, with a life-sized Stormtrooper decal in the background.
A smiling child with a bug net hat standing in front of an educational display about insects.
A collage showing a community resource fair with people, an informational booth, and a mosquito trap display.
A collection of children's books displayed on a table in a library, some with mosquito themes, next to a metal bucket.
A presentation on Mosquito Prevention and Awareness with an audience and informational materials on a table in the foreground.
A person is sitting behind an informational booth with flyers, health products, and a blue tablecloth with text.
A collage depicting items on a table, four individuals in a gym, and a logo for Benton County Mosquito Control District at a community fair.
A table with educational materials, stickers, insect repellent, and a mosquito trap setup display.
People engaging at an outdoor event, including a child in a helmet holding a glass container, possibly at an educational booth.
Group of six people wearing funky alien glasses, posing with hands up in a tent with t-shirts displayed.