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Presently, all positions for the 2024 season have been filled.  However, some positions may become open before the beginning of, or during the season. (The District still accepts applications throughout the calendar year, but there are certain periods of the year where hiring is more likely to occur.)

You may submit an application at any time, but Benton County Mosquito Control (BCMC) will only be considering applications submitted after January 1st, for the current year.  All positions will remain open until filled.

BCMC hires approximately 20-25 seasonal employees every year. Part of this work force are returning workers that have been with us in the past, but every year there are vacant positions which need to be filled.

We often do not know how many, and what, positions will need to be filled until March (sometimes a bit later).  We do post in various media sources about accepting applications, but you can contact us directly at any time. A few positions may be filled in March, but the bulk of the work crew is not needed until a May/June time frame. The season goes until late September/early October, but one does not have to be able to work the entire season to be hired; in fact, much of our work force consists of individuals on summer break, which corresponds with the busiest time of the season.

Employment Requirements

  • Age:  Applicants must be 18 years old at the start of work and possess a valid Washington State Drivers License.
  • Driving Record:  Applicants are not required to submit a Driver's Abstract, but if an offer of employment is made by the District, then review of an employee's driving record for a 3-year period will be a condition of employment.  The signing of a waiver, allowing the District to obtain a driving record from the Washington State Department of Licensing (or State agency that issued applicant's license), will be required.  The contents of the Driver's Abstract may determine if you are eligible for employment at the District.  The District will pay the cost of attaining the Driver's Abstract and will only use it for the purpose of determining if employment will be granted.
  • Applicator License:  If hired, an applicant must obtain a Washington State Department of Agriculture Pesticide License; general license and a Public Health certification. Benton County Mosquito Control will provide the necessary study materials, 3 days of paid study time and will cover transportation, scheduling and cost of tests for License testing with the WSDA.
  • Work Conditions:  Applicants must be able to work independently as well as cooperatively with other employees and the public. Applicants that are safety minded and possess the ability to keep detailed records are sought after as employees. The work requires employees to walk long distances over uneven and sloping terrain with 40+ lb. packs. Some heavy lifting may also be necessary.
  • Work Hours:  The standard work hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Schedules of 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. may be implemented based upon weather conditions and/or time of year). Availability is required* for after hours spraying.  (*The District will first take volunteers for after hours spraying.  If the District is unable to get volunteers then a mandatory system will be implemented for all seasonal workers.  After hours spraying is usually infrequent and limited, but the frequency and duration of after hours spraying cannot be predicted by the District.)
  • Still Interested?  Then please contact us by mail, phone, fax or email. Or, you may download a job application below. Downloading the application may take a little time due to its size. Please complete the application entirely and mail it to us at Benton County MCD, 4951 W. Van Giesen Street, West Richland, WA 99353.

The items below provide additional information concerning the different positions potentially available.  If you have any additional questions or would like further information, please contact us.

Job Descriptions: 

Control Operator - Field  (Pay Range:  $20.25 to $25.25)

Control Operator Job Description 1 1 2024.pdf


Field Inspector  (Pay Range:  $22.50 to $27.50)

Seasonal Field Inspector Job Description 1 1 2024.pdf


Surveillance Technician - Lab  (Pay Range:  $20.25 to $25.25)



UAS Operator  (Pay Range:  $22.50 to $27.50)

UAS Drone Operator Job Description 1 1 2024.pdf


Education Specialist  (Pay Range:  $22.50 to $27.50)


Administrative Assistant  (Pay Range:  $20.25 to $25.25)




Hardcopy application; click, print, fill out, and get back to us (scan and email, mail, or drop-off):  Hardcopy Application Below; this form covers all available positions.  Please mark the form to indicate the position or positions for which you are applying.

Employment application_2024-01-01.pdf

Online application; click, fill out, and you're done:  Online Application

You may apply anytime of the year for any position that we carry, but we generally only hire in the spring and early summer.