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Public & Worker Feedback

May contain: nature, outdoors, pond, water, land, and field

Worker Feedback: Control Operators in the field are constantly on the look out for the presence of adult mosquitoes. Some species of mosquitoes can be active 'day biters' and will seek out a 'blood meal' whenever it presents itself. Other species like to find cool or shaded areas to rest until temperatures cool down (like the time between dusk and dawn). The discovery of either daytime biting mosquitoes or disturbed resting mosquitoes is noted and reported so that this information along with other factors can be utilized to determine the best control strategy.

Public Feedback: Feedback from the public can be extremely helpful. Our Control Operators cannot be at every site within the District and some species are much more active during evening hours, so the public often times will see increasing mosquito populations (before we know of it either through worker feedback or CO2 traps). We strongly encourage and appreciate the public to contact Benton County MCD if they are experiencing high mosquito populations or have observed a notable increase in mosquito activity.