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Adult Mosquito Spray Schedule; Grandview and Prosser

Adult Mosquito Spray Map Link:  click here



Canyon Road from W Robinson Road in the south to about halfway north to Mountainview Road.

Bryon Road; from Hwy 22 to about 1 mile past S Ward Gap Road.  And S Ward Gap Road from Byron Road to Hwy 22.



Hicks and Griffin Roads, from and including OIE in the south to Johnson Road in the north.  Plus OIE to S Wilgus and S Wilgus north to Atwood Road.

S Griffin Road from OIE in the north to North River Road in the south.  Plus North River Rd toward County Line along with Paige Lane and Smith Road.

Some areas between and including Buena Vista in the north, Missimer to the west, North River to the south and east.