Planned Fogging Date: 
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Selected Cities: 
Benton City Area
Grandview Area
Mabton Area
Prosser Area

Below is a list of cities and areas scheduled for fogging on the date indicated. Click the map link below to view a map with more detailed coverage information.

Benton City

Section off of OIE; west of Rayhill Road.



Byron Ponds

Grandview Sewage Lagoons

Byron Road and side streets from Hwy 22 to S 1738 Pr SW.



Town of Mabton, south of Highway 22.



Portions of: Wilgus, Sievers, and OIE.

Sections of Bone Road, Wilgus Road, Apricot Road, and the SVID canal road.

Miller, Benson, and Highland Drive.

Patterson, Sunset, Playfield Avenue, Claire Street, and Nell Street.

Easy Street

Areas between and including Hemlock to the west, Alice to the east, and Bennett Avenue to the north.

King Tull Road; from Crosby to McDonald.  And 1239 Pr NW.  And SVID canal section off of King Tull.

Portions of Bunn Road and N. McDonald off of OIE.  And W 110 Pr NW.

Areas between and including SVID canal to the north, Rothrock to the west, Good Road to the south, and Case Road to the east.