Treatment Map Info:

Click on the 'Proceed to Treatment Map' button to be directed to an interactive map of the District's proposed treatment area(s) for adult (flying) mosquitoes. The interactive map allows you to navigate, zoom and select proposed treatment areas.

Shaded Polygons and/or Highlighted Lines:

These represent rough approximations of the areas that are in the vicinity of the proposed treatment.

Teal Color:

Ground Based (truck) Spraying. Ground based spraying has a swath of approximately 300-feet.

Yellow Color:

Aerial Based (airplane) Spraying. Swath width can vary depending upon multiple factors. And due to some factors (e.g. release height, wind speed, etc), the plane may have to offset its location so that the spray will drift into the target area. For example, the plane may fly outside of the proposed treatment area so that the drift will occur within the shaded polygon.

Navigating the Interactive Map:

  • The Treatment Area Map should begin with an overview of the District area. If no polygons are found, then either there is no spraying scheduled for that night or there was a technical problem preventing the map from being generated. PLEASE NOTE: the written description provided on the Fogging Update page trumps any map data present or lack thereof.
  • You can zoom into an area by clicking the left button on your mouse, holding it down (turning the cursor into a hand) and 'pulling' the map around to the desired location. Then use the scale bar in the top left corner to zoom in or zoom out.
  • You can click (left mouse button) directly on a polygon to get additional information, though this will be quite limited in nature.

Click to view the interactive treatment area map Click to return to the fogging schedule page